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We celebrate a new arrival – Luminous Gaming Mouse Pad! If you like our Gaming Equipment category, you are certainly going to love it!

Check out the design and materials of the RGB Luminous Gaming Mouse Pad, and you’ll see why it’s a brilliant offer. Furthermore, you won’t find anything like this in a regular store. That’s why we share this opportunity, so grab your Gaming Mouse Pad before we’re out of stock.

  • Be one of the first to buy this amazing product.
  • Choose your preferable Color.
  • In addition, you get good value for money and pay only US $29.00.

Moreover, our first orders prove that customers like the , so join them and become our next happy client!

Look at the information below and at the media data to learn more about this product.


Material: Rubber

Few products can boast the appealing US $29.00 price and this impressive range of features. Therefore, buying the RGB Luminous Gaming Mouse Pad is a really tempting idea, don’t you think?


How do you produce these?
To create the Luminous Gaming Mouse Pad, we’re specifically using only the materials of top quality. So toxic and dangerous materials are out of question.

Does it give a bad smell?
It’s safe to say you won’t experience any troubles with smell from the Luminous Gaming Mouse Pad because we choose the manufacturing resources very carefully and avoid the materials that might cause this trouble.

What’s the price for this?
We’re glad you have found it interesting. The price is US $29.00. So, click on ADD TO CART to make an order.

Why does it only cost US $29.00?
Since we’ve significantly reduced our stock-related expenses, we are able to offer our customers low prices along with proper quality of our products.

Can I share my own product feedback?
Our store uses client feedback to improve the quality of goods we sell and services we provide. That’s why we look forward to hearing from you.

Can I post a photo of my purchase on social media?
You don’t need our permission to post your photos with our products. So, feel free to do so if you will.


Will I get a refund if anything happens to the package?
Please let us know if anything is wrong with your order. We’ll look into the issue closely and then fully refund the purchase if there’s transportation damage.

Can you make it in a way that I would be able to receive three of these simultaneously?
If you’re ordering several units of the same item, they are coming all together even if every unit has its own package. So you won’t need to visit your post office several times!

There are purchase details that are not listed here. So how can I learn more?
If you need any aid or assistance, you can message our support team (see the contact details at the bottom of the page) and we’ll respond in the shortest possible time.

How many do you have?
The Gaming Mouse Pad stock is about to start running low in the next 3-4 days, which is why we recommend that you place your order as soon as possible.

Can I find the Gaming Mouse Pad in offline stores as well?
You might see similar items in regular stores, but the price will most likely be higher than ours.

Can you prove your store is reliable?
Thank you for the question. Please, pay attention to the feedback that our previous buyers provide us with. It clearly demonstrates our proper business record!

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Feature 1:
competitive cool
Feature 2:
positioning accuracy
Feature 3:
resistance is smaller
Feature 4:
separable usb data cable
Feature 5:
color breathing cycle
Feature 6:
three rgb symphony marquee
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RGB Luminous Gaming Mouse Pad

US $29.00
US $44.62
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